New One Day Record...2066 Raptors!!!

WOW what a day!!! I dont think anyone went home disappointed! From 730am onward birds came. By 10am we had over 100 birds. Beginning in the 11am hour, Turkey Vultures moved enmass and didnt stop until after 5pm, when 10 TVs turned back and went east to roost for the night. At that point things shut down and birds stopped. Everyone still gathered was jaw-dropped! Incredible one day Turkey Vulture record of 1750 and day one day record of 2066 raptors!!
Even the Turkey Vulture seemed to have a smile. Thanks Trudi for this shot.
Paul Reeves got this shot of a tail-less Turkey Vulture(tail feathers had all molted out).

Ann Brokelman got this great shot of a Turkey Vulture.
This is a shot Ann got of a mixed kettle of Redtails and Turkey Vultures
We got our first Red-shouldered Hawks of the season, this one thrilled us all with some low close flying. Thanks to Paul Reeves, for this great shot.
Mike Poissant(aka Mike 4) got this Red-shoulderd Hawk shot.

Paul also got this shot of a Redtailed Hawk. This was our first big movement of Redtails too today,numbering  126.

I managed these shots of an adult Bald Eagle and a juvenile Bald Eagle.

And we were all thrilled to see 2 Golden Eagles too. Both flew by within moments of one another. I got these shots.

Our final total of 2066 raptors was made up of:
1750-Turkey Vultures
8-Bald Eagles(juveniles at 10:20am,12:38pm,3:08pm,3:40pm and 4:58pm..Adults at 11:35am,12:45pm,1:52pm,)
9-Northern Harriers
139-Sharpshinned Hawks
12-Coopers Hawks
1-Northern Goshawk
12-Redshouldered Hawks
126-Redtailed Hawks
2-Golden Eagles(both juvenile at 12noon)
4-American Kestrels
2-Peregrines(released bird and one other)
2066-Incredible Total Raptors

Thanks again to Rosetta staff, all watchers gathered who helped Walter and I so much, especially Bruce,Mike,Phil and Jean. Thanks to all who brought Timbits and coffees. Thanks for the drives home for Walter and I! We both appreciate it greatly at the end of a long day. Monday and Tuesday may be good days, with Tuesday looking to be the better day.


Lee said...

This is one day we'll never forget! Thank you Mother Nature!

Gardens at Waters East said...

I have a pair of Bald Eagles that come here almost every day, and stay for hours watching here on the shores of Lake Michigan. They like the area as much as I do! Lots of fish and gulls to eat. I have posted as few photos in the recent past. Jack