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Fox siting today!

Hey all,

I wandered over to Rosetta today to see if the daffodils and tulips had popped up and ran into Carol in the parking lot. We started to walk around when I spotted a beautiful, small red fox! I didn't have my DSLR on me but I did have my point and shoot so that will explain the quality or lack thereof of the following photos:

It saw us walking along one of the paths and started heading east. It stopped to lie down in the snow once, then I got closer (I was quite a ways away still) and it started going towards the house on the edge of the bluffs on the eastern side. There is a gate by the house and it slipped through and kept going.

I went back down tonight with Ann and we ran into Cori but no fox. However, we think this was the fox that was treated and released by TWC a few months ago. He looks really good, his coat is very plush and we didn't notice any bare patches.

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