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Another Slow Day

Beautiful Rosetta McClain Gardens

Today the only counted bird was an adult Peregrine Falcon. We did see a local juvenile Coopers Hawk and an adult Coopers Hawk which has been seen in the area a few times recently too. A local Redtail flew along the bluffs from west to east. A recently arrived Northern Goshawk seems to be a local bird. It was chased again today by American Crows. They have been a very good raptor early warning system,sounding off,letting us know there is a raptor on the way. There seemed to be a movement of European Starlings today. Black-capped Chickadees and Northern Juncos continued to move in good numbers. Pat saw a Piliated Woodpecker briefly in the park today. I saw 2 Common Nighthawks fly by. At a distance they sometimes appear to be a Kestrel,but as they get closer you see the tell tale marks on the wings. One co-operatively circled above briefly,predictably leaving just as I got my camera ready. Today I have included some of the fall colours from around Rosetta McClain Gardens. Wednesday looks better now with an all day northeast wind. This should bring a decent migration of Redtailed Hawks and hopefully a Golden Eagle and a few Roughlegged Hawks. Birds may be somewhat high tomorrow. Things are unlikely to start up before 10am. A reminder to dress warm and pack a lunch.

Oct.26th Not Much Going ,,,A Few Photos

Redtailed Hawk Fly Past

Today not much was expected and not much came. While I was present for a few hours,I saw only the local Coopers Hawk and a few wrong way Redtails. Later Ann saw 4 Redtailed Hawks and 2 Sharpshinned Hawks,for a total of 6 birds today.
Coopers Hawk Perched
Coopers Hawk
Coopers Hawk Trying For A Squirrel
Turkey Vulture In Flight

Lee and Ann have got these great photos over the past few days.
Again a reminder the next week doesnt look too good for raptor migration. Watch for the next day with a good north element wind,it may be very good. It looks like it will be into November before that happens.

Past Week Plus Oct25th..Golden Eagle,Bald Eagle Among 38 Raptors

Coopers Hawk Takes A Seat

Hello,there wasnt much to report the past week. From October 18th-24th only 13 raptors were counted. Walter and I had several very slow days. Migrating birds were
4-Northern Harriers
3-Sharpshinned Hawks
3-Coopers Hawks
2-Redtailed Hawks
1-Peregrine Falcon

We enjoyed good views of local birds which really saved a few very slow days. Walter Lee and I saw the local Merlin perch in several trees one day. Another Peter and I enjoyed seeing the Merlin perched. I saw it leave the tree in a dive and return with a Kinglet which it plucked and ate. Walter and I were treated to a great look at the local juvenile Coopers Hawk too. I got a video of it trying to chase a Red Squirrel. Its juvenile hunting ability was very apparent as it ran around the base of the tree.
Coopers Hawk Courtesy Walter
Coopers Hawk Profile..Courtesy BIGFRANK
Coopers Hawk Comes Up Empty

Coopers Hawk video
This video is abit dark due to conditions,so is not very graffic.
Merlin With Kinglet Breakfast
Sunday October 25th Report
Today was a much better day then all of the days this past week. We had some good looks at a number of birds. Ann and Lee followed the local Coopers Hawk around the park in the morning(awaiting photos). A few Sharpshinned Hawks started things off today. Later a few Redtailed Hawks gave us hopes of a good day. Todays highlights included an adult Bald Eagle,a juvenile Golden Eagle at decent range and a juvenile Northern Goshawk which the local Crows chased back to the east. The Goshawk made at least 2 appearances. We are hopeful it will stick around for a few days. A few Northern Harriers came along the bluffside. By the end of the day,Bruce,Berle,Lee,Ann,Ron,Rob,Peter,Walter and I enjoyed some of the following 38 raptors:
2-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle(adult,1:54pm)
7-Sharpshinned Hawks
8-Northern Harriers
2-Coopers Hawks
2-Northern Goshawks
14-Redtailed Hawks
1-Golden Ealge(juvenile,2:10pm)
1-American Kestrel
Also seen today were 3 flocks of Eastern Bluebirds,one between 15 and 20,the other 7. Walter also saw a flock before anyone else arrived of about 20. A Swan that appeared to be migrating went over quite high,its very likely it was a Tundra Swan. It was adult and it had no wing tags(which would indicate Trumpeter). We also saw 4 Chimney Swifts today.There was a large number of Northern Juncos today as well. A few late Monarchs went by and we also saw a Mourning Cloak.
The remainder of the month doesnt look very good. If you go to the park and see any raptors,please let me know. Watch the weather for any changes. There are no longer bathrooms available on weekends and after Oct 31 bathrooms are closed for the season.