Wind (current)

3 Raptors ...YTD 32

     Today we expected more given the conditions, but enjoyed a beautiful cool day with sunshine and puffy white clouds. Walter and I welcomed Colin and Margarite again, Mike 2,Cori and Peter. We saw 2 Redtailed Hawks and 1 Osprey which Colin and I picked up almost at the same time. Although high up, it flew directly over us.
     We observed the first migrating Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles today. Hundreds of Cedar Waxwings were seen again and many Chimney Swifts seemed to be moving along to the east rather then following the lake west.
    From the butterfly world, we saw the above White Admiral. It seemed odd to me that it was in the Mountain Ash tree. We also saw what was a first for me, 2 Common Buckeyes.
    Watch Monday, right now the forecast is for NW winds of 15km. We should see a few more birds.

12 Raptors Today...Year to date 29

We made double digits!! Today Walter, Colin, Ron and I spotted 12 raptors migrating plus several local ones. We had some great interaction between a Kestrel and a Merlin. Park boss Don's wife, Holly spotted us an Osprey, the only one of the day. By days end(1pm) we had:
1-Redtailed Hawk
7-American Kestrels
12-Total Raptors
  We had hoped for a few more, but were happy to see as much as we did on a beautiful day. Several Great Crested Flycatchers were seen as well as several Red-eyed Vireos were seen. Many migrating Cedar Waxwings, Chimney Swifts and Eastern Kingbirds were spied too. We saw a couple of Great Blue Herons and a Black-crowned Night Heron.
  We expect that early tomorrow we may see a few birds that got part way here today, otherwise without a change in wind speed, not alot will come through. Keep an eye on the weather.
There doesnt seem to be any outstanding days coming in the next several, so unless you just want to enjoy a good day out, I'd wait till later in the season.

Aug1-15th Summary
TV - 3
OS - 3
NH - 3
BW - 1
RT - 2
AK - 2
ML - 3

TL - 17
  With today's 12, our running total is 29 raptors. We are hoping to crack 100 for August. Things start off slowly, but we enjoy our days at the park. We also use these hours to hone our spotting and ID skills. We check out almost every gull we can. It helps later to almost immediately dismiss them as worthy of a 2nd look, recognized as not a raptor.

NOTE: Waterspouts may form over eastern Lake Ontario on Sunday. A waterspout is a "tornado over water".  I have seen one once from Rosetta over Lake Ontario. Just something else abit different we may see!

Aug 1-15 Raptor Video

Every 2 weeks I will try to put together any video clips I get..such as they are.  Here is the first one of the season.

4 Raptors, A Lifer For Leon and Beautiful Sunrise

     Today, Walter ,Peter, Phil, Terry, Theresa,  Gunner, Ron and Leon all were down to the watch. Seen today were an Osprey, an American Kestrel and a Redtailed Hawk. The bird of the day was an adult male Northern Harrier, spotted by Phil.

      The sunrise at Rosetta was beautiful this morning I caught the sun cutting through the morning haze?

     Walter, Peter, Ron and Leon all saw a Sachem Skipper today. Walter was glad to show it to all of the others, but most of all to Leon.  Walter felt great as Leon has shared so many chats and taught many of us a thing or 2 not only about birds and butterflies but life. He is now 87 he told me today. He is a gentle, good, soul. Leon has always taken interest in my health and does his best to convince me to drop pounds. Today's Sachem Skipper was a first for Leon in his long life, so Walter was thrilled to be able to help Leon even at 87 have a first! Congratulations Leon!
     While it was slow for raptors, Walter,Phil and I found Yellow-rumped Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, Red-breasted Nuthatch, House Finch and Caspian Tern in and around the park.

3 Raptors Aug 13 and Very Rare Skipper

     Today Walter,Phil and I were able to spot a few raptors. Early in the morning Walter saw an Osprey go by. In the early afternoon we heard the local Redtailed Hawk scream an alarm call, so we began scanning for another raptor in the sky. Soon we spotted a Northern Harrier and an American Kestrel.
     A rather ragged looking Redtailed Hawk(local) and 2 Turkey Vultures(migrants) also went past.
     Keep an eye on Saturday and Sunday, as possible good early movement days. A good day this time of year would  be 25+ birds, I dont want to set expectations too high.
      The elite of butterflying(?) have been around Rosetta lately. The sighting of a Spice-bush Swallowtail and a rare for Toronto area Skipper have been spotted recently causing a buzz in the entomology world.(Im sorry I had to!)

      Special Edit: Walter posted to the comment section, but I believe this is worthy of being seen in the body of the report. The rare Skipper is called a Sachem Skipper.
 Here is Walters comment:
          "rare for Toronto" is right! In over 140 years of record keeping there's been only 1 report of a 'Sachem' in the GTA study area, a 50 km circle which is centered on the ROM downtown. A few other sightings in the GTA and elsewhere in the province over the past few days clearly show that this little butterfly has advanced northward like never before. This is due to all the hot weather we've experienced in North America this year. If only the birds reacted the same."

Brilliant eye Walter. I can say I saw this butterfly, only because Walter picked it out as something different and got a clear photo of it, with later 100% positive ID. Awesome find Walter!!

First Osprey!

Walter, Mike 2 and I were able to spot the watches first Osprey of the season. While again things were predictably slow we did see another migrating Merlin and a heavily molting Turkey Vulture.  On the way down to the park I observed a local Coopers Hawk sending pigeons into a frenzy and also a Merlin which nested in the neighborhood. The migrating one that was counted was molting a great deal, so I am sure it isnt one of the local birds. Allison,Colin and Marguarite and Peter all joined in today. Everyone awaits the beginning of September for larger numbers of raptors.
     There was a huge number of butterflies. Monarch Butterflies have begun their southbound migration. We saw a number of them moving to the west along the edge of the bluffs today. A good number of Painted Ladies were seen around the gardens. Cedar Waxwings continue to migrate, as did both Swallows and Chimney Swifts.
     Watch for northwest winds for the best chance at sighting more raptors!