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The Sky Is Falling Aug12/13

On Thursday evening,several of the raptor watch gang,gathered just before dark to see if we could see any of the Perseids meteors,which according to "tall Peter's" internet search,are the remnants of the Swift-Tuttle comet. Lee,Carol,Peter,Walter,Pat,Nancy,Betty and I saw a few meteors before 11pm and enjoyed a much welcomed breezy evening. At 1130pm the lights went out in the park and either things picked up abit or the decreased light allowed us to see more. With less light over Lake Ontario,we were able to see some spectacular views of meteors streaking through the sky. By 1am when Walter and I finally left we had seen 23 meteors. We also saw one satellite and what we thought was a planet. It was a fun evening,with something different to share with friends.
The mystery planet?

Stay tuned for raptor reports! Next week with some decent west winds we may see a few raptors. The last several days there have been none to report. A local Coopers Hawk has been seen.