Wind (current)

August Raptor Total...YTD 112

The Breakdown:
Turkey Vulture............7
Bald Eagle...................3
Northern Harrier.......10
Sharpshinned Hawk..11
Coopers Hawk............7
Broadwinged Hawk....8
Redtailed Hawk........16
American Kestrel......34
Peregrine Falcon.........2
Total Raptors Aug...112

This year August total,is in the range of both 2004's 147 raptors and 2005's 95 raptors. This fall seems to be setting up to be more normal fall temperatures,compared with the heat and humidity of the last 2 years. Hopefully this will mean increased viewing opportunities. Most of the 14 Osprey,have been very close and provided excellent viewing.
A few days with rain are coming in early September,but when that clears,if predictions hold true,several days of north winds are to follow,which could bring some good sightings and increasing volumes.
Many thanks to my raptor watching friends Colin,Ron and Carol for your help,company and commradery. I was happy to show an enthusuastic,Carol her first migrating American Kestrels and Northern Harrier and look forward to sharing many more sightings with her. Thanks also to the many passersby who took interest in what I was doing,asked questions and the lucky ones that shared sightings. Onward to September!

Northeast Winds Late August = OSPREY:Fall Raptor Total 106

Moderate Northeast winds most of the day,brought a respectable late August total of 22 raptors,bringing the season total to 106. Todays sightings included 7 Osprey,spread over the entire day. It was the first bird of the day just after 8am,and the last bird of the day at around 230pm. 7 Osprey,10 American Kestrels,3 Sharpshinned Hawks,a Coopers Hawk(not the local) and a Northern Harrier. None raptors included a Great Blue Heron,American Redstart and several good looks at various Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Several Monarch Caterpillars have been seen lately,many Monarch Butterflys and today 2 Black Swallowtail Butterflys. I could see clearly across the lake,to the US side and also to the city of Niagara Falls. 3 Airshow planes made 2 passes of the bluffs,with more action expected Friday,when there is a good chance The Snowbirds(Canada's precision aerobatic team) will practise a few tricks. Saturday through Monday(weather pending of course) the last 2 years,planes from the show go into a holding pattern over the lake and can be viewed from Rosetta McClain Gardens as they await their turn in the CNE Airshow.