Northeast Winds Late August = OSPREY:Fall Raptor Total 106

Moderate Northeast winds most of the day,brought a respectable late August total of 22 raptors,bringing the season total to 106. Todays sightings included 7 Osprey,spread over the entire day. It was the first bird of the day just after 8am,and the last bird of the day at around 230pm. 7 Osprey,10 American Kestrels,3 Sharpshinned Hawks,a Coopers Hawk(not the local) and a Northern Harrier. None raptors included a Great Blue Heron,American Redstart and several good looks at various Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Several Monarch Caterpillars have been seen lately,many Monarch Butterflys and today 2 Black Swallowtail Butterflys. I could see clearly across the lake,to the US side and also to the city of Niagara Falls. 3 Airshow planes made 2 passes of the bluffs,with more action expected Friday,when there is a good chance The Snowbirds(Canada's precision aerobatic team) will practise a few tricks. Saturday through Monday(weather pending of course) the last 2 years,planes from the show go into a holding pattern over the lake and can be viewed from Rosetta McClain Gardens as they await their turn in the CNE Airshow.

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