Wind (current)

August 9 and we have an...

Osprey!  Walter was at the park between 3:20 and 4:30 and within minutes saw our first Osprey of the season. 


Osprey - 1


Merlin - 1
Osprey - 1

Total - 2


A little early in the season but Tue Aug 8th looks like a nice NW wind!

Hi all,
Tomorrow Tuesday August 8th looks promising with a NW wind predicted for most of the day!
A trip to Rosetta may be worth it even though its very early in the season!

You never know what may fly by in terms of early raptor migrants!

Monarch migration is predicted to be very good this fall with many more monarchs being seen in Ontario!
Lets hope for a good flow of raptors and monarchs!

Let the NW winds blow strong!

Please report your sightings to:


See you at the park!


Postnote:  No raptors seen today.  Too early and Too hot!  But over 50 monarchs observed in the gardens.  Monarchs everywhere!.