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Oct 12 Golden Moments..Day Count 386..YTD..4250

Today was another day with optimal conditions. Myself,Ron,Carol,Berle,Lee,Gunner,Rodger and Jane,as well as a small class of kids enjoyed some great raptors. We saw 13 of the 15 species normally seen in southern Ontario today. The first 3 Golden Eagles of the season and first 4 Red-shouldered Hawks(one was below us) of the season were the true excitement of the day. A few small kettles of Vultures were also enjoyed. Todays final numbers:
222-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle
5-Northern Harrier
6-Coopers Hawk
4-Red-shouldered Hawk(2 very well)
3-Broadwinged Hawk
3-Golden Eagles(all juvie)
4-American Kestrel
1-Peregrine Falcon
386-Final Total

The current year to date total is 4250 which was not acheived until Oct 20th last year.All ready this season Ive seen more Osprey(94),TVs(609) and Peregrines(65) then any other season at Rosetta. The weekends weather looks good for some good movement of raptors,with Sunday looking the better of the 2 days as they are predicted right now. Other special sightings 10 Common Loons on the lake,heard several times calling and one Shrike most likely a Northern.

Oct 11..Record TUrkey Vulture Day..YTD Total..3864

Today was a very clear day! I started by taking a few shots of Niagara Falls..the city and the mist rising up from the acutal Falls. I usually have a good day if I can count 20 raptors by 10am. Today I had already counted 49 by 10am. It just got better. From 11-12,I counted 188 raptors. The final total was 380. Squadrons of Turkey Vultures passed over us,and formed small kettles from 10-25 at a time. Jean and her scope were a great help at spotting and IDing several somewhat distant birds,but most were pretty close to us. In the end,Ron,Jean,Berle and a few others,saw 380 raptors,made up of:

286-Turkey Vultures


1-Bald Eagle

5-Northern Harrier

56-Sharpshinned Hawks

4-Coopers Hawk

20-Redtailed Hawks

5-American Kestrel


1-Peregrine Falcon

The next several days,conditions are optimal for a huge raptor movement. Im sure Golden Eagle,Red-shouldered Hawks and Goshawks will start to move. Hope to see U out!

Start of Something Big...Day Count 139 YTD..3484

The day began with another beautiful sunrise...yes I was at the park early! Shortly after sunrise,the first 2 Sharpshinned Hawks flew past. A few moments later the first of 18..yes 18 Peregrine Falcons went through. By 10am Id seen 10 Peregrines,tying the countsite record set last fall. The final tally of 18,was if anything understated,as I know there is one Peregrine thats currently local,which made several passes of the park,so in an effort not to double count,several times I allowed a Peregrine to pass without recording it. At about 130pm,Rodger and Jane,friends visiting from the UK..Cheshire,and Ron were on their way home. About 2pm,Margaret another visitor from the UK had arrived for the afternoon. All were treated to some excellent views of migrating raptors. Almost all of todays birds were very close. The final total of 139 consisted of:

47-Turkey Vulture


15-Northern Harrier

40-Sharpshined Hawk

3-Coopers Hawk

3-Redtailed Hawk

8-American Kestrel


18-Peregrine Falcon

The 18 Peregrine Falcons was a real thrill,particularily for myself,as I do a good deal of volunteer work with The Canadian Peregrine Foundation. An Osprey,Ann and I saw harrassed by 2 Ring-billed Gulls,was abit of excitement and also a great contrast in size. The next week looks very promising,though rain is called for several days,often the duration of the rain is very short,and will do little to discourage migration.

October 9 Good Sightings On Slow Day YTD 3345

With the humidity finally gone,I couldnt stay inside,so despite less than optimal conditions I went to the park. The total for the day was only 18,but 2 close Osprey and 8 very close Peregrine Falcons made the day worthwhile,not to mention good conversation with Ann. She was still buzzing over how great the day before was. Todays birds were:


2-Northern Harrier

1-Sharpshinned Hawk

2-Redtailed Hawk

3-American Kestrel

8-Peregrine Falcon

One of the Peregrines made several passes of the park. Hopefully it will appear on a clearer day.

Thanks to Leslie for taking the time and effort to record the migrating raptors today and all who helped her,mentioned in her report.

(Bald Eagle photos from Ann Brokelman..more soon)

As reported by Leslie.

We arrived at the park at 10am with our friends Laura and Harvey and were shocked that no one was by the fence. We're glad that it was just the humidity that kept you away and that you are OK otherwise. Everyone who stopped or walked by asked where you were. We thought you were enjoying turkey time with your family.

Because no one was there, I was concerned that maybe I picked a bad day. Then, Lorne showed up and told me that he had been seeing lots of Sharpies in the last half hour. He said he'd give you his numbers from before 10am.) We were later joined by Ron Pittaway, Mary, Vern, Beryl, and Ann (with the camera).

As you've likely heard by now, it was a good day. Many of the birds (Osprey and Bald Eagles) were low and gave us great views. We were an excited bunch! Because I had the notebook, I became the official recorder. It's hard work! By the end, I was almost dizzy by everyone making calls and trying to see birds myself. I was counting from 10am to 1:30pm. The birds slowed down after 12:30pm when it got really hot and humid. Here are the numbers:
- 303 Sharpies
- 3 Cooper's Hawks
- 1 Red-Tailed Hawk
- 1 Merlin
- 7 Peregrine Falcons
- 3 Osprey
- 4 American Kestrels
- 39 Northern Harriers
- 8 Turkey Vultures
- 2 Bald Eagles
- 3 Unknown (Ron didn't get a good look at them, as they went by so quickly)
374 TOTAL(Lorne's totals to be added still)