Start of Something Big...Day Count 139 YTD..3484

The day began with another beautiful sunrise...yes I was at the park early! Shortly after sunrise,the first 2 Sharpshinned Hawks flew past. A few moments later the first of 18..yes 18 Peregrine Falcons went through. By 10am Id seen 10 Peregrines,tying the countsite record set last fall. The final tally of 18,was if anything understated,as I know there is one Peregrine thats currently local,which made several passes of the park,so in an effort not to double count,several times I allowed a Peregrine to pass without recording it. At about 130pm,Rodger and Jane,friends visiting from the UK..Cheshire,and Ron were on their way home. About 2pm,Margaret another visitor from the UK had arrived for the afternoon. All were treated to some excellent views of migrating raptors. Almost all of todays birds were very close. The final total of 139 consisted of:

47-Turkey Vulture


15-Northern Harrier

40-Sharpshined Hawk

3-Coopers Hawk

3-Redtailed Hawk

8-American Kestrel


18-Peregrine Falcon

The 18 Peregrine Falcons was a real thrill,particularily for myself,as I do a good deal of volunteer work with The Canadian Peregrine Foundation. An Osprey,Ann and I saw harrassed by 2 Ring-billed Gulls,was abit of excitement and also a great contrast in size. The next week looks very promising,though rain is called for several days,often the duration of the rain is very short,and will do little to discourage migration.

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