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Thanks For Peregrine Falcon Fledge Help!!

Thanks to all my Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch friends who took time this spring/early summer to help out the still threatened Peregrine Falcons and the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. It makes me proud to know you and on behalf of CPF and myself thanks,you made a difference. Ann and her daughter were at Harlequin watching. Murray and Deb helped at Harlequin, even showing up for the banding on their "honeymoon". (now thats dedication?? or just crazy?) Bill was at Yellow Pages,taking part for the first time. Luckily he was there when a young Peregrine took his first flight and called me to tell me,as noone else was present. I got ahold of Mark Nash and he attended to make the rescue. A long time friend and occassional Rosetta visitor in the begginning Lyn helped a ton at Canada Square, which is just across the road from where she lives. Bruce was all over Ontario doing watches/rescues and recon at nests. He of course was with CPF from almost the beggining and is a Rosetta watcher I drew from them rather than the other way around. Rob and Angie who many of us met through touring with Murray and Authentic Canadian Tours both attended fledge watches. Most of their time was spent with me at Sun Life at Bloor and Islington. Rob also pitched in at Harlequin when a youngster had been missing. They'll get to Rosetta this fall Im sure of it! I know Rob plans to pop into the William Osler fledge watch once its up and running soon too. (the birds there nested late). Cori took me over to Yellow Pages one day for awhile and also came out to help support the birds and I at Etobicoke's Sunlife nest. Im sorry if Ive forgotton anyone,it was not intentional. I know many of you attended bandings as well. Im glad you did, I know you enjoyed them. To date Ive been told CPF has done 24 rescues this season, with one watch we are directly responsible for and another we will be supporting yet to go. There were 22 rescues of fledglings and 2 of adults. Currently 3 still remain in rehabilitation. 2 of them are adults. One from the Hearn Generating Station (the female) and one from the Mississauga Executive Centre. One fledgling remains in rehab, she is from Mississauga at the Holcim nest. CPF coninues to monitor their progress. Much thanks to Toronto Wildlife Centre and The Owl Foundation for their continued great works on behalf of all sorts of birds and animals. On a personal of the very first Peregrine's I ever rescued back in 2010, named DotCa is now the resident male in Rochester New York. He has one chick in this his first attempt to nest. So far its going very well as the chick is thriving. Fledging isnt too far off. I rescued DotCa from a glass balcony at Etobicoke's Sun Life Financial Centre nest. He has been the resident male at the Rochester nest and also keeping up a bond at another site(no eggs this year) with a female from Hamiton's Sheraton Hotel nest. Tracy and I were at Piggot's banding in 2011. Their prospective nest is in the Brighton area,which is a short flight away from his current successful nest. We are hopeful that she meets someone new and DotCa concentrates on his Rochester nest. There is another Canadian banded so far unidentified Peregrine in the area so with luck they will pair up! Tuesday I am off to Waterloo area with CPF to do a presentation to a group which hosts a new nest site. They are very enthusiastic. There is one chick at this as yet to be publically announced site. The first of many we hope! Raptor Watch time is growing closer and closer. I should be back at the helm in September but August look forward to any reports folks want to send me about what they see.