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13 Raptors YTD 5537 + Piliated Woodpecker

Decided to give today a try,after another stretch of poor weather for birds of prey.I had a few raptors,then at 12:50pm a flurry of 10 went by,including 9 Redtailed Hawks and a single Northern Harrier. I thought maybe the skies were about to rain raptors but it was not to be. Final total was 2 Sharpies,10Redtails and a Harrier. My count is now 5537 for the season. A Sharpshinned Hawk landed in a tree in the park briefly,before carrying on its way. The best sighting of the day was a Piliated Woodpecker,that flew through the middle of the park,and landed in a tree in a yard at the end of the park. I suspect it may be around for a few days now,but of course thats purely speculative. It was my first sighting of a Piliated this year. Tomorrow should bring some more raptors by the park. The winds are to be favorable to SOME movement. I will be present early,but dont expect much raptor action until at least 11am or later. Bathrooms are still open until at least Tuesday,Nov 21.

Nov 12 97 Raptors including 2 Golden Eagles

Finally today a good north element wind,after a day of rain,brought raptors past Rosetta McClain again in higher numbers. Try as I mite,I couldnt drag 3 more birds over the park no matter how much looking I did. From 10am onward things were reasonably steady for this time of year until about 230pm. A flurry of Redtails came about 215pm,as 14 kettled together,followed closely by 2 others. A very low Red-shouldered Hawk gave Carol and I terrific views(it was her first sighting of one ever) and another later provided a great contrast in size with an adult Golden Eagle,which it circled with briefly. A dark morph Rough-legged Hawk,became Carols first RL sighting ever,and we both enjoyed it. Earlier a light morph Roughie circled co-operatively as we ID'd it. We may have seen why Loons are called Loons,as a Common Loon actually seemed to take a few runs at the Rough-legged Hawk as it circled! Todays 4 Rough=legged Hawks brought my year total to 8,which is the highest Ive counted at Rosetta McClain Gardens in a season(3 years). Year to date I surpassed the 5500 mark,now at 5518 raptors identified. Todays total included:
Northern Harrier.....................1
Sharpshinned Hawk................2
Redshouldered Hawk..............2
Redtailed Hawk....................84
Roughlegged Hawk..................4
Golden Eagle...........................2(adults,one at 12:45pm,the other 2:20pm)
American Kestrel.....................2
Thanks to Keith and Carol for their company on a terrific day! It was great to see that High Park and Cranberry Marsh both had amazing days as well. High Park got close to 400 raptors and Cranberry Marsh had over 700!