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Hello,Im BIGFRANK,your host and avid raptor watcher. Please read the information provided,then plan to join me in watching birds of prey flying along the shoreline of Lake Ontario from atop the western end of The Scarborough Bluffs. Possible sightings of 15 species of raptors(birds of prey),including Osprey,Redtailed Hawks,Golden Eagles,Bald Eagles and Turkey Vultures.

WHERE: Rosetta McClain Gardens in Scarborough Ontario Canada,at Kingston Rd and Glen Everest. One stop-light east of Kingston Rd and Birchmount Rd. If U have them bring scopes,binoculars,cameras or bird books. The gardens are wheelchair accessible and have bathrooms and many benches.(note: no dogs,no picnics,no bicycle riding or no ball playing are allowed in the Gardens)

WHEN: From Aug1-Nov30 almost daily I will be present counting migrating raptors.Peak migration is from mid-September to mid-October. Peak time of day is most often 10am-2pm.Optimal conditions for large movements of raptors are on days with moderate north-west winds and nice white puffy clouds,though high volumes of Sharp-shinned Hawks occurred on winds with a south element.

WHAT IS SEEN: Any given day any or all of 15 species of migrating birds of prey can be seen,migrating along the shores of Lake Ontario. Some birds will land briefly in the trees of the gardens,some circle briefly,while most fly past. Last season over 5600 birds of prey were seen,including Bald Eagles,Golden Eagles,Osprey,Turkey Vultures,Northern Harriers,Rough-legged Hawks,Red-tailed Hawks,Broadwinged Hawks,Red-shouldered Hawks,Northern Goshawks,Coopers Hawks,Sharp-shinned Hawks,Peregrine Falcons,Merlin and American Kestrels. My best count was over 550 raptors in one day.

Please check back often once fall migration season starts for daily reports.If U decide to join me,I will do my best to show U whatever comes our way and pass on information to you. Contact me at

Aug.23 2007 A Typically Slow August Count

This August has been typically slowfor raptors,with a year to date count of 43. That said some great views of Osprey,Redtailed Hawks,2 juvenile Northern Harriers and 2 early Broadwinged Hawks have been enjoyable. The 2 young Northern Harriers,circled and seemed to hunt within the area for at least a full hour. Below is are 2 photos of the Northern Harrier(s) and one of 2 juvenile Broadwinged Hawks,I shared with Jen and Derek Lyon and Carol..One even landed in the park briefly before carrying on.

Juvenile Broadwinged Hawk below.