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A Few Nice Surprises

Nancy and I met up with Walter, Murray,and Debbie today at Rosetta to see
what we could find. While we stood beneath the boughs of a Spruce tree, a large Redtail swooped in and circled overhead, around
the park and then perched in one of the Poplars by the bluff. While we
were distracted by the Redtail, a beautiful adult Bald Eagle soared
heading east just along the shoreline and disappeared as quickly as it
arrived. After the breathless encounters enjoyed by all, we headed up
towards the parking lot and were distracted by several flocks of Cedar
Waxwings (total of about 60+ birds) in the almost bare mountain ash
trees which still had lots of dried berries. They gorged on the dried
berries while we watched until we left the park about 1:00pm. (sorry no eagle pics)
Obviously, Rosetta likes our company so get down there in the next few
days as it looks like the signs of an early Spring are bringing lots
of feathered friends for us to enjoy. There are lots of Robins, and we
also saw some Golden Crowned Kinglets flitting about.Thanks to Pat and Nancy for this account of activity at Rosetta and use of their photos.