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Aug 2nd - When Does The 2019 Raptor Watch Start?

Hi folks,

Right now my best guess would be September 1st, the 'official' start date for fall watches in the Great Lakes region.  Having said that, if you're at Rosetta especially after the 15th of August and you observe any raptors flying westward please let me know about them.  The local Red-tailed Hawks, local Turkey Vultures, Cooper's Hawk and Merlin excluded!  LOL!!!

During August I'll be at the park off and on but mostly focusing on butterflies (but if the weather changes dramatically then I'll switch to birds, of course).

If you would like to spend some time conducting the Raptor Watch, that would be awesome!  Thankyou.

I'll switch over to raptor watching once things start to pickup.

Let's hope for lots of windy days with cold air blowing down from the north!