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A Few More Raptors

Walter,Mike 2(thanks for todays Timbits!!),Ann,Murray,(2 separate people not Canada's Snowbird)Anthony,Pat and I,were present today to count a few more raptors. A couple of "local" Redtailed Hawks tried to confuse things by making several passes of the park. Many times they were "accompanied" by the local American Crows. A nice male Northern Harrier was spotted about 1230pm,just over the lake. A few countable Redtails went through and a Peregrine went through the park in a hurry.
Just before the first of the gang got too cold to hang in,Mike picked up a high Sandhill Crane,which got ridiculously high,out over the lake. Eventually it made its way back toward land. One Common Loon was observed. Walter has been keeping track of Loon sightings and powered by a day that saw 160 down on the lake in October,todays made something over 400.(final tally will appear in our season end wrap up).
Todays Count
1-Northern Harrier
3-Redtailed Hawks
1-Peregrine Falcon
It was very cold. Extremities got the worst of it today.
Earlier this season Cave Swallows were seen. Anthony Glenesk sent along these 2 shots taken at The Spit(Tommy Thompson Park).
3 Cave Swallows
Cave Swallow Close-Up
Thanks to Anthony for his first contributions to our site. I hope the first of many come next season!

Nov 24th 10 More Raptors

Today the winds ended up weaker than predicted earlier in the week. Myself,Walter,Bill,BillB,Hugh,Betty,Cori,Shirley,Pat and Nancy saw a few raptors. A Peregrine Falcon circled very high up,while a few of the Redtails spiralled to "ozone" height. Good conversation was enjoyed,with some hopeful plans for winter birding among the many topics.Our final total today was:
1-Sharpshinned Hawk
2-Coopers Hawks
6-Redtailed Hawks
1-Peregrine Falcon
There looks like a number of very wet days coming up. If there is a north element wind in the next week we will be present to count.

A Few Days Left

With a week left in count season,things are really winding down. Walter and I will still be present on days we think could hold promise. Wednesday and Saturday look alright. Things will be over officially on Nov 30 and weather pending I hope many folks will come for the final day. Then its winter birding. Try to keep in touch and if you are heading out remember to get hold of some of your raptor watch pals. Later in the winter we will do a trip to Nanticoke to see Bald Eagles,check for Short and Long-eared Owls and see many Redtails and Roughlegs. Stay tuned for details.
Have a look at this video called How Hawks See