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Aug. 7th A Few More Raptors

Today was another reasonable day,after almost a solid month of crazy heat and humidity. Walter and I were joined by Carol,Betty,Ann,Pat and Nancy who all enjoyed some birds and chatting. Early in the morning I saw a female Merlin. The first sign a raptor was in the area,was a flurry of Starlings and pigeons taking to the air. Immediately I began a scan of the sky and didnt take long to see the Merlin in chase. It bumped one of the pigeons,eventually breaking off its hunt,perching for long enough to make a clear ID,before carrying on in search of breakfast. Later we saw an American Kestrel hunting the bluff,which Ann caught flying past.

She had something in her talons.

Todays total was 7 including

3-Turkey Vultures

1-Redtailed Hawk

2-American Kestrels


These birds were different ones from yesterday,as the Kestrels have either been different sexes or in different molts. The hunting Kestrel was local and not recorded.

There were thousands of Double Crested Cormorants seen out fishing today. A very large stream of them flowed from the Leslie Spit(Tommy Thompson Park) area to beyond the Scarborough Bluffs. Hundreds(at leasts) of Barn and Northern Roughwinged Swallows were again seen migrating past,as well as a few Hummingbirds and many Cedar Waxwings. We saw 2 more Great Blue Herons go by headed west,bringing the 2 day total to 14. Ann captured this rather unique view of the Great Blues flying past us today.

The next several days will be hit and miss,as early August so often is.

Raptor Watch 2010 Has Begun

The 2010 Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch has begun! Early August bring the first of the migrating birds of prey for us to count at Rosetta McClain Gardens.

Today Walter,Carol,Pat,Nancy and I saw the first few migrants of 2010. Early August is usually fairly slow,with things picking up in mid to late August and really firing up in week 2 of September. We had our first migrating raptor at 938am,a juvenile Broadwinged Hawk. By 2pm we had seen 8 raptors. The Broadwinged Hawk,an Osprey,a Coopers Hawk,2 American Kestrels and 3 Turkey Vultures.
Additionally we saw many Barn and Northern Roughwinged Swallows,a few Purple Martins,Chimney Swifts,many Cedar Waxwings,a few Ruby-throated Hummingbirds,many Baltimore Oriole and a BlueGray Gnatcatcher. Stay tuned.

We invite everyone to join us starting in September,when we will be present daily from 7am-2pm at at least. Look for us near the fence at the edge of the Bluffs. Bring binoculars or scopes,water and lunch! A chair may be advisable. There is a chance to see 15 species of raptors seen in southern Ontario. Anyone wishing to attend before September is welcome,but just a reminder its quite slow and if weather isnt condusive to migration we may not be present.