Raptor Watch 2010 Has Begun

The 2010 Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch has begun! Early August bring the first of the migrating birds of prey for us to count at Rosetta McClain Gardens.

Today Walter,Carol,Pat,Nancy and I saw the first few migrants of 2010. Early August is usually fairly slow,with things picking up in mid to late August and really firing up in week 2 of September. We had our first migrating raptor at 938am,a juvenile Broadwinged Hawk. By 2pm we had seen 8 raptors. The Broadwinged Hawk,an Osprey,a Coopers Hawk,2 American Kestrels and 3 Turkey Vultures.
Additionally we saw many Barn and Northern Roughwinged Swallows,a few Purple Martins,Chimney Swifts,many Cedar Waxwings,a few Ruby-throated Hummingbirds,many Baltimore Oriole and a BlueGray Gnatcatcher. Stay tuned.

We invite everyone to join us starting in September,when we will be present daily from 7am-2pm at at least. Look for us near the fence at the edge of the Bluffs. Bring binoculars or scopes,water and lunch! A chair may be advisable. There is a chance to see 15 species of raptors seen in southern Ontario. Anyone wishing to attend before September is welcome,but just a reminder its quite slow and if weather isnt condusive to migration we may not be present.

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