Wind (current)

Northwest Winds Push Raptors And Our Total To A Record

Today,thanks to the day long healthy northwest winds and some hardy observers,168 raptors were seen. 2 Different Coopers Hawks landed in the park,one very co-operatively in the top of a bare tree. A Redtailed Hawk also landed in the park briefly today. The bulk of todays sightings were Redtailed Hawks,high,low,above and below. Todays total was made up as follows:
1-Bald Eagle(juvenile)
2-Northern Harriers
3-Sharpshinned Hawks
6-Coopers Hawks
3-Northern Goshawks
149-Redtailed Hawks
2-Redshouldered Hawks
2-Golden Eagles
One of the Redshoulders and one of the Goshawks gave terrific views,at very close range. This brings this years total well beyond last fall's 5675,currently totaling 5826. With a southwest wind tomorrow I will NOT be present. If U decide to go to Rosetta please email me what see,if anything. Special thanks to Ann,for my ride,lunch,photos and hot tea.

Nov15 24 Raptors...YTD..5658

It was a cold wind today,and several local Redtailed Hawks kept showing themselves just to confuse things. Those gathered saw :
1-Bald Eagle(juvenile distant)
1-Northern Harrier
4-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Northern Goshawk(flew through low and fast)
16-Redtailed Hawks(high low near far)
1-Golden Eagle(juvenile)

Tomorrows conditions looked great the last time I looked..lets hope for a big day! or at least18raptors so I can achieve the highest count ever at Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch. Dress warm if U are coming!

Slow Day But Good Views

Despite early NE winds,the count was very low. Raptors definetly stayed north of the lakeshore in our area. Good but fast views of a Peregrine Falcon and Merlin were enjoyed. A few close Coopers Hawks and the star of the day,an immature Bald Eagle at 10:30am gave us hopes for a better day then we ended up with. Todays 15 raptors consisted of :

1-Bald Eagle

4-Sharpshinned Hawks

2-Coopers Hawks

4-Redtailed Hawks

2-American Kestrels


1-Peregrine Falcon

Right now,Tuesday holds abit of promise. As the migration winds down,there are still some great birds to see.