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July 30th - Here We Go Once Again!

Hi everyone,

Well, here we go once again, season thirteen of the Hawk Watch at Rosetta!  It's hard to believe, especially with all the heat and humidity but it's that time of year when we start to watch the sky for the big birds heading south along the north shore of the lake.  As most of you know, the migration will be extremely slow for at least the first couple of weeks.  Migration will start to pick up as we near the end of August and head in to September so there is no reason for you to rush to the park.  With the present high heat and humidity, my time there will be 'hit and miss' at best.  During the past couple of days I've made a few trips to the Gardens and I can assure you that there isn't much happening.  Few birds and few butterflies!  It will pick up tho!

I look forward to everyone's return to the Watch and also look forward to meeting a few new faces as well this season.

See you soon along the fence at Rosetta!