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'Statistics' Updated

The 'Statistics' section, which is found in the right-hand column of this blog depending on the device you're using, has now been updated to include the 2017 hawk-watching season.  How you arrive at this section using other devices, such as cell phones is your problem - LOL!!!  Anyway, you can click on the various links there to view and/or download all the numbers from over the years.  Once the Dropbox page opens you might get a popup box asking you to either join or sign-in.  If not interested just click on 'No thanks, continue to view' at the bottom of it.  Once the page that contains the file has loaded, move you cursor down to the bottom of the screen and a box should appear that will allow you to expand the file to full screen for easier viewing.  Remember, I said 'should', that's how it works on my computer anyway.  Once finished viewing, click on the X in the top right-hand corner and then use the back-arrow to return back to the raptor watch page.  Good luck and enjoy!