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A Peregrine Sighting and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone following the blog and especially my Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch pals.
Today Jan 4th,Pat and Nancy Anderson sent Ann a photo of a Peregrine Falcon they took down at Bluffers Park. As it turned out,it is the same Peregrine Ann had photographed back in October and I had ID'd some time later. Thanks for the quick ID Ann,
Pat and Nancy observed the Peregrine hunting ducks and pigeons at Bluffers Park. Centennial as she is known caught herself a pigeon in a parkinglot near the restaurant. Thanks to them for this photo.
I have let the folks in Ohio know about both sightings,through my volunteer work with The Canadian Peregrine Foundation.
After the last sighting and reporting it to the folks in Ohio,I got this message from Amy C.
Thanks for the info on Centennial - I was at her banding at Lakeshore Power Plant, and then back as a raptor rescuer when she got blown off the nest/took a premature flight a few week afterwards. I'll let my contact @ the plant know. Chris told me about your made my day!
Amy sent along this photo of the day Centennial was resecued after a premature fledge.

And this from Chad and Chris who work with the Peregrine Falcons in Ohio and who were also present at the banding:
Thanks again for the information and pics, Frank! You thrilled many with it!
Thanks to Ann,Pat and Nancy for their contributions. You all deserve credit for those thrills.