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ASHBRIDGES BAY RARITY:Yellow-breasted Chat

Since the raptor migration has all but officially come to a close,I went today to Ashbridges Bay Park,just near Woodbine and the Lakeshore. For the past week there has been a Yellow-breasted Chat out near the southwest tip. Directions posted online at a few birding sites were excellent and got me right in the general area. A helpful birder I met hadnt had good luck,but did point me in the right spot. I waited about 20min and decided to sit down on a nearby bench. Within 5minutes,Ross and 2 of his friends arrived. Ross disappeared around the corner where I had previously been standing,and soon called out.."Guys over here!" With that,we clamoured over,scopes,binoculars and my camera at the ready. What a beautiful little bird..sort of a warbler on steroids..its about 7.5 inches tip to tail. The yellow was wonderfully illuminated by the bright sunlight,giving us all fantastic views. It ate berries,moved around and preened unbothered by either us or the Pointer that ran roughshod all over the area. For 3 of us,the Chat was a life bird,so all gathered were very happy with the sighting. I was very pleased with my photos,especially with all the "shmutz" around the bird.
Soon I will post a final summary and note of the raptor watch season..stay tuned.