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Monarch Butterfly Tagging Fundraiser (GoFundMe)

With Monarch butterfly tagging just around the corner in August, we have decided to help Terry and Betty out by fundraising for the cost of tags.  They have been spending around $600 American dollars per year for the tags which is quite a lot of money, so if you can make a donation, it would be appreciated.  Please click on the link to read about what they do and more importantly, what they've learned about Monarch butterfly migration.


Jul 7th - The 2019 View From The Watch Site

Hi folks,

I was at Rosetta this afternoon to enjoy the park and hopefully a few butterflies as well.  Anyway, while there I did my usual survey of the view from the hawkwatch site and the following photos should give you some indication of what we'll face this season.  Enjoy!

Eye-level view looking towards Bluffer's Park  (Walter)

Eye-level view looking out over the lake  (Walter)

Eye-level view looking straight out over the lake  (Walter)

I was saddened to see the following.  One of my favourite trees in the park is now marked to be cut down as it is almost completely dead.  On an early visit to the park in the spring it was clear that the tree suffered hard hits from the weather and almost every branch tip had broken off.

Butternut tree  (Walter)

It didn't take very long for this milkweed to take over this rose garden patch.  No complaints from me, of course!

Common Milkweed  (Walter)

As for butterflies, today most were observed in and around the flowering trees, especially the Lindens and the Japanese Tree Lilacs.

See you at the park,