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Nov 20 A Beautiful Late Novemeber Day 16 Raptors..Fox

The chances for a big day I think have passed us by. Todays 16 raptors with almost perfect conditions indicate its pretty much over. Over the next week(till month end) we may count but there is not much chance of it being daily. Today many folks showed up hoping for a big northern bird. Alas none came but we did see some Redtailed Hawks including the local juvenile. It sat co-operatively while I took photos. Local crows enjoyed a day of chasing several Redtails and a local Coopers Hawk. A Merlin was a nice surprise. A lone Red-shouldered Hawk was seen,very high up.

This juvenile Redtail is very lightly coloured on its head.
Ann sent along this beautiful shot of a Coopers Hawk in flight. Thanks so much for all the photos you've contributed to the site Ann,its been a great interest grabber for many readers and encouraged others to join us.
This Red Fox ran through the park,it was very close to our buddy Mark. The park is part of the Foxes territory and it goes through several times a day. I was lucky enough to get a quick shot. While I was missing,recovering from a cold,Richard the head gardener from Rosetta told Walter he had seen an Oppossum walk by. I look forward to seeing it soon.
Todays count of 16 brings our current season tally to 6526.We also saw 2 White-winged Crossbills fly past quickly. American Pipets were heard. An end of season wrap up will come soon. Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day.

Keep An Eye On Friday

Friday looks like it could be one of the last chances for a big final push of raptors. It will be frigid,so if you attend dress very warm! Feet get cold easy! Hands too! Winds are to be 25kmh Northwest,with a high of only 4c. Midday is probably early enough to arrive. Remember those that have my cell # can call me first to see if we think the conditions are good...or if there is already a good flight in progress. We will count on other days later in the month but this may be the last 100+ raptor day of the season.