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It's Just a Matter of Days Now!

Hi everyone,

It's hard to believe that the time has come to start thinking about 'big birds heading south' but it is just a matter of days now before it starts to happen.  Of course, it will be painfully slow at first so please don't rush down to the park, wait at least till the last two weeks of August.  As most of you know, migration will pickup as we head in to September.  After the incredible fall count we enjoyed last season, I just don't know what to expect this year at all.  It's what makes hawkwatching so fun and interesting!  I look forward to everyone's return to the park and also look forward to meeting a few new people as well.  My own return will be delayed until August 4th as I'll be out of town for the long weekend.  Hopefully that won't throw the fall count off by too much - LOL!!!

You've always been a wonderful and considerate group but please refrain from bringing me a cup of coffee when you come.  These days I drink just one cup first thing in the morning, that's it, period!  My body is so much healthier because of it.  Thanks.

See you at Rosetta!