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Sportsmans Show Success and A Great Surprise

Nova Ready for Take Off BIGFRANK-Nova,Ann with Alexandra The Great...Horned Owl

Ann and Alexandra

Bruce and Kyla the American Kestrel


BIGFRANK and Oscar the Peregrine Falcon

Murray and Kyla(she is popular)

March 16th-20th,myself,Bruce and Ann were going to help out at The Toronto Sportsmans Show at the Canadian Peregrine Foundations live birds of prey booth. Bruce and I are oldtimers,while Ann is on her 3rd year I think it was. The wonderful surprise was that CPF had a few volunteers back out at the last minute,so I was asked to get a few of my birding friends to help us out. A few folks I had met on Murray's birding tours joined us and so did Murray and his wife Deb. I loved Murray's comment to me when he agreed to come help. "First I did cartwheel then I called to say YES!"They were both thrilled to hold Kyla the Kestrel and Oscar and Nova the Peregrine Falcons. The show went great as we saw thousands of folks and passed on the good word about endangered species,conservation and birds in general.