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Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch In The News

The Bluffs Monitor,a local paper with a circulation of about 25000,has done an article on me and the raptor watch. Peter Wood who writes The Birds of Bluffers Park column approached me towards the end of last month to ask if Id be interested in him doing an article. I was,not for any personal glory,but so people would hear about the great birds of prey we watch and enjoy so much. So awareness would be created and so more people could learn about hawks,eagles and falcons. Below is how Peter's article reads. I thank him for his interest and kind words.

Hawk Watch With Frank
Frank Butson has a passion,he has an expertise and perhaps most importantly,he is willing to share it. The passion is for raptors,that is,predatory birds such as hawks,eagles,vultures and Osprey.
During the fall migration,which begins in September and continues to the end of November,Frank can be found in Rosetta McClain Gardens looking out over the Bluffs searching the sky for migrating raptors. He identifies them,records the species and numbers,photographs them and posts the information on the internet.

Frank began hawk watching as a member of the High Park watch group. As an "east-ender",he was excited to discover that the Scarborough Bluffs was on a "fly way" or migration route for raptors. It began as personal enjoyment,but soon developed into an educational project. So,five years ago he set up shop at Rosetta McClain Gardens and began to invite people to join him-"all ages,all skill levels" he likes to say,thats what "keeps it fresh" for him. He is rewarded by the amazement and joy that he brings to park visitors. So far this year the watch has been highlighted by 70 Osprey,400 birds of prey in one day and 3 Peregrine Falcons flying together.

There is a serious side to this work as well. When I asked Frank why he does this he told me about Red-shouldered Hawks. These birds have been diminishing in numbers for many years. People may be unaware of this decline,but if they actually see one,they may come closer to understanding that as Frank says"It does Matter" As a volunteer for the Canadian Peregrine Foundation he is proud that Peregrines have recently been moved off the endangered species list.

....the article goes on to invite folks to join me and gives the blog address and location of the park. Already we have had visitors join us after reading the article and others comment positively after having read it.