Wind (current)

Next Several Days Not Promising

Right now there doesnt appear to be a good day on the horizon for migrating raptors. Its unlikely a count will be conducted until at least mid-week of the coming week. If you attend please email any sightings. Get out and enjoy the unusually warm weather,even if you cant see birds of prey and remember each beautiful day now is one closer to spring without SNOW!!

The Legend of Pale Male

For the many raptor watchers who know of Pale Male,or love watching Redtailed Hawks. This is a 3minute trailer of a new Pale Male movie.

Very Slow...4 Raptors

Walter stuck out a very slow day. Saturday now looks very promising..stay tuned. Today Walter and a few others added 2 Redtails,a Coopers Hawk and a Northern Goshawk. The locals of each of these species was also seen,so Walter is sure none are double counts.

Slow Day...16 Raptors...YTD 6500

Today was abit slower then hoped for but,with some concentrated spotting,we were able to spot several Redtailed Hawks and a lone Redshoulded Hawk. Pat and Nancy told me of a Peregrine Falcon they had seen yesterday,so that has been added to todays total. Tomorrow will be like today at best. Id imagine the next big day will follow the current warm weather which reaches through next Monday at this point .

Redtailed Hawks
Northern Junco
Todays totals
1-Redshouldered Hawk
14-Redtailed Hawk
1-Peregrine Falcon
Watch for the next north element wind 15kmh-30kmh for a big day. Until that condition exists,high counts are unlikely. Counters are selective during weather like the coming week,so there is a strong chance noone will be present.