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2017 Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor watch will be starting Sept 1, 2017!

Hi all,

First,  a huge "Thank You" to Walter for his long hours of dedication at the fence and commitment to keeping this "blog" updated and current!
A small group of us met and will continue to try to keep the "Rosetta raptor watch" operational.

The Rosetta McClain raptor watch will "officially" start Friday Sept 1, 2017, daily 10am-3pm.
In August we will capture casual observations as they get reported!

Our current priorities and tasks to figure out are:
1) How to scheduling observers at the fence (perhaps use google calendar as used by the piping plover caretaker teams?)
2) Establishing a process to record hawk data at the fence (clipboard + notebook - store in office?)
3) Reporting at the end of each day (smart phone photo of clipboard sent to Lee?)
4) Updating the blog (Lee/Terry to post on "blog")
5) Capturing some of the great photos each day! (Lee/Terry to post on "blog")
6) Year end data summaries etc.........  deal with them later!

Assistance will be needed with observing at the fence!

Please comment, text or email,  Lee/Terry/Betty/Hugh/John if you can help
Stay tuned!!
The fun will begin soon!