Wind (current)

Sept.11 Day Count 25 YTD 386

Today was about what I expected,with winds that went southeast early in the day. We had some wonderfully low birds,including Turkey Vultures,one of 2 Merlins,both Osprey and a Redtail that landed in the park. The Redtail also put on a display of kiting into the wind. Todays total was 25,consisting of :

5-Turkey Vultures
1-Northern Harrier
9-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Redtailed Hawks
5-American Kestrels

The weekend looks terrible,counts are unlikely. Both Monday and Tuesday currently look excellent for large movements of raptors and small birds too for that matter.

Osprey and Bald Eagles Day Count 32

Today winds in the early morning were decent,by noon things had died down. We saw 2 very close juvenile Bald Eagles,one I showed a jogger. He was quite excited,checking it out with my binoculars,declaring it was the first he had ever seen. We also had several close Osprey among 8 we saw today. The final total was 32 raptors:
2-Bald Eagles
15-Sharpshinned Hawks
2-Coopers Hawks
4-American Kestrels
We had a local Kestrel land on a tree briefly offering great views. Things wrapped up around 2pm. This coming Monday and Tuesday look like they could be big days. Tomorrow there is a decent chance there will be a good flight of Sharpies.

Best Day Of Season So Far

Today's day long northwest winds,brought the best count thus far this fall. Many watchers,new and regulars enjoyed views of 136 birds. While some were painfully high,many were nice and low. Several of the Broadwinged Hawks circled at a low level allowing for great viewing and a chance to mention field marks differentiating them from Redtailed Hawks. We had a 2nd year Bald Eagle which started out over the lake and circled over us for about 10-15minutes,before eventually moving back more out over the lake and away. Many Sharpshinned Hawks provided close views,as did passing Kestrels. It was great to finally have a good day,after sitting through some less than stellar days.The final total of 136 raptors consisted of:

2-Bald Eagles(2nd year and an adult)
4-Northern Harriers
94-Sharpshinned Hawks
4-Coopers Hawks
13-Broadwinged Hawks
14-American Kestrels

Despite what appeared to be a slow start to the season,todays total brings us to within 62 of last seasons total. Tomorrow's weather isnt optimal,but once Sharpshinned Hawks decide they are going winds dont seem to matter at Rosetta.(northwest is best,but not the only wind birds are seen on). Thanks to everyone who came out today for your help spotting and for your interest. I hope to see you all out again soon.

Slow Start

With unusually hot and humid weather the first week of September has been slow. Sharpshinned Hawks and Kestrels are moving the most,and with a good wind expected Sept 8,many more should be seen. If we can get clear of the ends of the hurricanes things should pick up. Interesting sightings included an American Kestrel alarm calling as it flew along the bluff being attacked repeatedly by a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Walter and I also saw the local Coopers Hawk have a prolonged fight with the local American Kestrel. (pictured are a Northern Harrier and an Osprey)

Current totals are:

10-Turkey Vulture


2-Bald Eagle

7-Northern Harrier

59-Sharpshinned Hawk

9-Coopers Hawk

7-Broadwinged Hawk

15-Redtailed Hawk

34-American Kestrel


4-Peregrine Falcon

165-Season Total

Also seen nicely were 2 Common Nighthawks,Wilson's Warbler,Great Egret and a local Redtailed Hawk fly by with food in its tallons. Walter saw a Fox in the park. Colin and Walter saw an Otter along the lakeshore.