Slow Start

With unusually hot and humid weather the first week of September has been slow. Sharpshinned Hawks and Kestrels are moving the most,and with a good wind expected Sept 8,many more should be seen. If we can get clear of the ends of the hurricanes things should pick up. Interesting sightings included an American Kestrel alarm calling as it flew along the bluff being attacked repeatedly by a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Walter and I also saw the local Coopers Hawk have a prolonged fight with the local American Kestrel. (pictured are a Northern Harrier and an Osprey)

Current totals are:

10-Turkey Vulture


2-Bald Eagle

7-Northern Harrier

59-Sharpshinned Hawk

9-Coopers Hawk

7-Broadwinged Hawk

15-Redtailed Hawk

34-American Kestrel


4-Peregrine Falcon

165-Season Total

Also seen nicely were 2 Common Nighthawks,Wilson's Warbler,Great Egret and a local Redtailed Hawk fly by with food in its tallons. Walter saw a Fox in the park. Colin and Walter saw an Otter along the lakeshore.

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