Wind (current)

Nov 19th - Sunday/Monday Prediction

Although the wind over the course of the next two days will be from the NW, it's likely that it'll be blowing and gusting just a little too strong for any kind of raptor migration.  As hawkwatching is mostly a citizen science, I'll just have to go down to the park to find out if that's true!

From what I've seen from the weather forecasts on television, they don't seem to have the approaching weather system quite figured out as yet.  If the conditions in your area are bad or are going to be bad, please don't bother heading out, it's just not worth it.  Tuesday is still looking good!


Nov 18th - 2 More Birds!

Cooper's Hawk - 1
Peregrine Falcon - 1
Total - 2

Weather Prediction:
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday all contain strong NW winds in their forecasts.  Sunday and Monday will have snow off and on during the daytime.  We'll see what happens, stay tuned!


Nov 16th - 14 People, 3 Birds!

Note:  To anyone that has tried to contact me through the email address walterfisher'at' found on this blog, I must apologize for not realizing that the address had been detached from my primary email account some time ago.  As this address is mostly used just for this blog it was never a concern to always check it's functionality on a regular basis.  The problem has now been rectified.

Sharp-shinned Hawk - 1
Red-tailed Hawk - 1
Merlin - 1
Total - 3

a fairly high-flying 'Sharpie' (Matt)

Red-tailed Hawk (Matt)

our local Merlin with his eye on something (Matt)

Bruce, Dave, Arvo, Rosemary, Matt, Hugh, Pat & Nancy, Ron, Terry, Cori, Trudy, Diana, Ely, and possibly one or two can't remember!

Weather Prediction:
The next few days do not look very promising for migration so it'll hit and miss for me at the park.  Friday being fairly warm will likely get me out to watch for butterflies if nothing else.  Keep your eyes on Sunday and Monday as they look good at present for the big birds.


Nov 15th - 0 Raptors, 2 Cabbage Whites

During my 90 minute visit to the park mid-day today I saw 2 Cabbage White butterflies, 1 Locust, a whole bunch o' bees and 0 raptors.  Not much else tho.

Weather Prediction:
Light to moderate NW wind for tomorrow with gusts.  Hopefully we'll get a few birds.

See you there,