Wind (current)

Nov 11 Good Conditions...Lousy Flight 7 Raptors

Today we had the hope of good winds,we got them. They were apparently not good enough for the birds though. Walter,Ann,Lee and I saw little to nothing. By 2:30pm we had seen only 7 raptors
1-Turkey Vulture
2-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-Northern Goshawk(plus one "local")
1-Redtailed Hawk
2-American Kestrels

As Walter and I were leaving a local Coopers Hawk flew into a big Maple tree. It moved around a few times in the same tree before taking off. Almost as soon as the Coop took off,4 Crows were kaaing like mad and we saw them chasing a juvenile Northern Goshawk. It has been in the area for about 2 weeks now. The Goshawk took evasive action,and took refuge in a tree briefly,before flying on,the 4 Crows in chase again. Maybe we should have decided to leave by 11am and action woulda started!

Sunday is the next decent wind day forcast.Thursdays winds have changed,so the next day for a decent shot at a few birds is Sunday. Dress really warm if U attend,and be aware the bathrooms are now closed.