13 Raptors YTD 5537 + Piliated Woodpecker

Decided to give today a try,after another stretch of poor weather for birds of prey.I had a few raptors,then at 12:50pm a flurry of 10 went by,including 9 Redtailed Hawks and a single Northern Harrier. I thought maybe the skies were about to rain raptors but it was not to be. Final total was 2 Sharpies,10Redtails and a Harrier. My count is now 5537 for the season. A Sharpshinned Hawk landed in a tree in the park briefly,before carrying on its way. The best sighting of the day was a Piliated Woodpecker,that flew through the middle of the park,and landed in a tree in a yard at the end of the park. I suspect it may be around for a few days now,but of course thats purely speculative. It was my first sighting of a Piliated this year. Tomorrow should bring some more raptors by the park. The winds are to be favorable to SOME movement. I will be present early,but dont expect much raptor action until at least 11am or later. Bathrooms are still open until at least Tuesday,Nov 21.

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