Oct 12 Golden Moments..Day Count 386..YTD..4250

Today was another day with optimal conditions. Myself,Ron,Carol,Berle,Lee,Gunner,Rodger and Jane,as well as a small class of kids enjoyed some great raptors. We saw 13 of the 15 species normally seen in southern Ontario today. The first 3 Golden Eagles of the season and first 4 Red-shouldered Hawks(one was below us) of the season were the true excitement of the day. A few small kettles of Vultures were also enjoyed. Todays final numbers:
222-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle
5-Northern Harrier
6-Coopers Hawk
4-Red-shouldered Hawk(2 very well)
3-Broadwinged Hawk
3-Golden Eagles(all juvie)
4-American Kestrel
1-Peregrine Falcon
386-Final Total

The current year to date total is 4250 which was not acheived until Oct 20th last year.All ready this season Ive seen more Osprey(94),TVs(609) and Peregrines(65) then any other season at Rosetta. The weekends weather looks good for some good movement of raptors,with Sunday looking the better of the 2 days as they are predicted right now. Other special sightings 10 Common Loons on the lake,heard several times calling and one Shrike most likely a Northern.

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