Oct 11..Record TUrkey Vulture Day..YTD Total..3864

Today was a very clear day! I started by taking a few shots of Niagara Falls..the city and the mist rising up from the acutal Falls. I usually have a good day if I can count 20 raptors by 10am. Today I had already counted 49 by 10am. It just got better. From 11-12,I counted 188 raptors. The final total was 380. Squadrons of Turkey Vultures passed over us,and formed small kettles from 10-25 at a time. Jean and her scope were a great help at spotting and IDing several somewhat distant birds,but most were pretty close to us. In the end,Ron,Jean,Berle and a few others,saw 380 raptors,made up of:

286-Turkey Vultures


1-Bald Eagle

5-Northern Harrier

56-Sharpshinned Hawks

4-Coopers Hawk

20-Redtailed Hawks

5-American Kestrel


1-Peregrine Falcon

The next several days,conditions are optimal for a huge raptor movement. Im sure Golden Eagle,Red-shouldered Hawks and Goshawks will start to move. Hope to see U out!

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