Aug 23,2006 A Few More Migrants: 11 Raptors,Year To Date 71

Todays northwest and later north winds,brought a respectable early migration total of 11 birds of prey. Another Osprey passed by,it was seen purely by accident as I caught it whilst looking in a treetop for a warbler during a lull. 3 more Broadwinged Hawks went through,todays were all very high up. 2 American Kestrels,4 Redtailed Hawks,and a single Sharpshinned Hawk completed todays sighitngs. Many thanks to my "raptor mentor" Colin,for his help and company,making the day more enjoyable. Other Birds Seen: Yellow-rumped Warblers,Blackburnian Warbler,Nashville Warbler,Black and White Warbler,Least Flycatchers and many Cedar Waxwings whizzing by in flight. Down on the lake for something different I spotted 2 Trumpeter Swans swimming by,then later taking flight. They were not wingtagged. Also interesting was a new bug I saw,found later to be a Locust Borer..amazing whats around when we look closely.

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