4 Raptors, A Lifer For Leon and Beautiful Sunrise

     Today, Walter ,Peter, Phil, Terry, Theresa,  Gunner, Ron and Leon all were down to the watch. Seen today were an Osprey, an American Kestrel and a Redtailed Hawk. The bird of the day was an adult male Northern Harrier, spotted by Phil.

      The sunrise at Rosetta was beautiful this morning I caught the sun cutting through the morning haze?

     Walter, Peter, Ron and Leon all saw a Sachem Skipper today. Walter was glad to show it to all of the others, but most of all to Leon.  Walter felt great as Leon has shared so many chats and taught many of us a thing or 2 not only about birds and butterflies but life. He is now 87 he told me today. He is a gentle, good, soul. Leon has always taken interest in my health and does his best to convince me to drop pounds. Today's Sachem Skipper was a first for Leon in his long life, so Walter was thrilled to be able to help Leon even at 87 have a first! Congratulations Leon!
     While it was slow for raptors, Walter,Phil and I found Yellow-rumped Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, Red-breasted Nuthatch, House Finch and Caspian Tern in and around the park.


Daniel LaFrance said...

Bravo to Walter and Leon! The accolades are well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank and Walter,

Is this the same Leon who I run into at the Spit on weekends who walks for 8 hours during the winter sometimes its -20oC. And he's 87! A very nice man. Can it be?


Walter Fisher said...

'tis the same Leon. I was down at the Spit one winter morning 2 years ago at 8:00 AM and bumped in to him as he was already returning from the far tip where he had seen a rare duck!!!

BIGFRANK said...

Indeed Mike, Leon has left me in his dust at The Spit many times. Most often we part ways with him continuing onward,later passing me on the way out, as I trudge along for the base still.

Angie in T.O. said...

It's nice to know that there are still firsts to enjoy at that late age. Good for you guys for taking the time to share your time with him, a lot of people dismiss the elderly.
Rob and I are looking forward to getting down there at some point, probably September.