3 Raptors ...YTD 32

     Today we expected more given the conditions, but enjoyed a beautiful cool day with sunshine and puffy white clouds. Walter and I welcomed Colin and Margarite again, Mike 2,Cori and Peter. We saw 2 Redtailed Hawks and 1 Osprey which Colin and I picked up almost at the same time. Although high up, it flew directly over us.
     We observed the first migrating Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles today. Hundreds of Cedar Waxwings were seen again and many Chimney Swifts seemed to be moving along to the east rather then following the lake west.
    From the butterfly world, we saw the above White Admiral. It seemed odd to me that it was in the Mountain Ash tree. We also saw what was a first for me, 2 Common Buckeyes.
    Watch Monday, right now the forecast is for NW winds of 15km. We should see a few more birds.

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