First Osprey!

Walter, Mike 2 and I were able to spot the watches first Osprey of the season. While again things were predictably slow we did see another migrating Merlin and a heavily molting Turkey Vulture.  On the way down to the park I observed a local Coopers Hawk sending pigeons into a frenzy and also a Merlin which nested in the neighborhood. The migrating one that was counted was molting a great deal, so I am sure it isnt one of the local birds. Allison,Colin and Marguarite and Peter all joined in today. Everyone awaits the beginning of September for larger numbers of raptors.
     There was a huge number of butterflies. Monarch Butterflies have begun their southbound migration. We saw a number of them moving to the west along the edge of the bluffs today. A good number of Painted Ladies were seen around the gardens. Cedar Waxwings continue to migrate, as did both Swallows and Chimney Swifts.
     Watch for northwest winds for the best chance at sighting more raptors!

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