Take The Pledge To Fledge!! P2F 2012

Aug 24 to 26th is the first ever Pledge To Fledge weekend. I thought the Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch gang would like to take part. It seems to me we do every day of every season anyway.

Here is the pledge :
"I pledge to actively share my enthusiasm for birds with non-birders by taking them into the field to show them birds and foster their own appreciation for birds whenever possible. I will strive to be friendly, patient, helpful, and welcoming when approached by ‘non-birders’ or asked about birds by acquaintances. I believe that individual birders, as part of an international grassroots movement, can effect positive and profound change for our shared birds and their future."

Complete information can be found here: http://www.globalbirdinginitiative.org/pledge-2-fledge/the-pledge/

Think of the people we got involved over the years and what they've gone on to do and see!


BIGFRANK said...

I know many of the regular irregulars were not birders before meeting folks involved at Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch. Just a few that come to mind quickly...Ann Brokelman, who know is wildlife photographer supreme!, helps with Canadian Peregrine Foundation fledge watches and public education, writes a nature column in a local paper!
Or Murray Shields who now operates Authentic Canadian Tours, through which he introduces people to birding regularily and also helps CPF at the same events as Ann.
Or Walter Fisher who ran the watch last season and is my right hand man every year, who teaches anyone interested about birds and bugs!
Or Colin Horstead who taught me almost everything I know about identifying birds of prey, inspiring a new raptor watch and countless adventures.
I know all of you actively help at the watch when new folks approach us to learn what we are doing or seeing. Together you never know who we will inspire!!

Lee said...

I think it would be a bigger deal if we DIDN'T share our enthusiasm about birds with other people! LOL! We always seem to be telling people about what we see whether they care or not!

Daniel LaFrance said...

The birding collective forges friendship, knowledge and a culture of sharing.

Explore. See. Imagine.