First Northern Harrier

Another slow hot day, spent mostly looking for butterflies and enjoying the company of friends. Walter and I chatted with Carol and Ann today. Butterfly expert Barry also came by and Walter and I had a long interesting talk with him.
   We had  one Northern Harrier go past today and another Merlin. The local Redtail was around the park all day. Charlene had an interesting experience yesterday evening. She was cutting the lawn when a snake fell from the sky. Naturally she was surprised! Soon the young Redtail came down and grabbed the prize he had dropped. He ripped the head off and ate. She said the last 3 inches went down like a sucked piece of spaghetti. No photos of that sorry.
    Predictably things have been slow. The closer we get to the end of the month the more potential there is to see greater numbers.
  Aug 12 and 13 the Persaids meteor shower will be viewable in the early morning. I think that means 4amish. I think thats a check from my balcony viewing rather than trying to get a gang down to Rosetta at that time of day. 


Angie in TO said...
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Angie in TO said...

I will see if I can get Rob outta bed that early!!