Very Early Broadwinged Hawk

After a nice cool night, Walter and I wanted to get down to the park to at least enjoy the nice weather. Allison and Berle had the same idea. We did see 4 Turkey Vultures kettle, but they are a local family unit. We also saw a local Redtailed Hawk hunting the park in the afternoon.
Redtailed Hawk(courtesy BIGFRANK) Our best bird by far was a very early Broadwinged Hawk. It gave terrific views and showed its bowed wings when it glided. We are 100% sure thats what it was., so its a counter! On arrival at about 7am there was a large movement of swallows. Many were Barn Swallows with some Northern Rough-winged as well. Today was just a teaser for whats to come! Ive just checked the weather for the coming week and Saturday looks like the most interesting day. Thursday also looks interesting,but the humidex is high. Please remember migration of raptors is just starting up,things really kick into gear in September. Dont expect hoards of birds in August.

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