One Merlin and a Local Visitor

Shortly after I arrived today, I was seated on a bench near "the rock" chatting with park staffer Ron, when I looked to my left and had a great surprise. A local juvenile Redtailed Hawk had just landed and was scouring the park for his breakfast. I snapped several photos and took a quick video, before he took flight beyond the hedges sending a Red Squirrel scrambling for its life. Walter and I did see one countable bird again, this time a Merlin. We saw a local adult Redtailed Hawk and an American Kestrel which was going east rather than migrating. The rest of the day, Walter and I spent chasing butterflies(well searching for them at least). We saw Question Marks, Red Admirals, a lone Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, a lone Giant Swallowtail, Silver-spotted Skipper, many Monarch Butterflies, a few Fiery Skippers and one skipper I await Walter to tell me the name of again. Thanks to Walter for a slow but interesting morning. Rarely a dull moment at Rosetta McClain Gardens.

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