108 Raptors...3677...YTD

Walter Reports:
     After sitting for about 90 minutes or so under a cold damp overcast sky, the sun finally broke and started to warm things up. The birds started to show by about 9:30 AM. For the first hour the birds, mostly Sharpies, were flying by a treetop level and as the sky cleared and gave way to big puffy clouds the birds rose higher and higher. With the exceptional eyesight of Phil and Bruce 2 (first visit to our Watch) we were seeing birds extremely high up and more towards the north. The first eagle, an adult Bald, was spotted flying low and distant over Kingston Road heading for the Danforth corridor. Fifteen minutes later another eagle was located flying along the same line. There was much discussion as to the species because only a faint light-coloured head was noted by everyone gathered.  I'm very confident in saying that it was an adult Golden Eagle, our first of the season! Somewhere about 1:00-1:30 PM the birds stopped flying and very few were seen after that. In all a wonderful day to be at the park birding with great friends.

Here is today's summary:
TV - 29
BE - 1 (adult, 11:30 AM)
NH - 3
SS - 63
CH - 2
GE - 1 (adult, 11:45 AM)
AK - 5
ML - 3
PG - 1
TL - 108

On hand to help with the spotting were: Mike 2, Norm, Patty, Phil, Cori, Betty, Sheldon, Pat & Nancy, and today we welcomed Bruce 2. Thankyou everyone for all your help and to Norm and Phil for coffees and donuts, much appreciated.

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Ann Brokelman said...

Frank and Walter i was still seeing sharpies at 3-4pm very low over the house. In that hour i had 8.
The start of my day was looking out the window and watching a stunning red tail hawk circling the feeder.