New Peregrine Falcon Record...43 Raptors...YTD...3732

The day started very cold and blustery, followed by rain that had Walter and I huddled under a tree craving chili and coffee. We were grateful when one of the gardens staff Deb brought Walter and I both, during her lunch break. Thanks Deb for warming Walter and I from the inside out. Thanks to Phil for the afternoon coffee to keep us going!
    Today we passed our record for Peregrine Falcon sightings, adding 6 to the total, making 88 on the season so far,smashing our past record of 85. This is great news, that I personally am thrilled to hear as I do a lot of work with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation. We are very lucky to see such a large number of Peregrine Falcons pass Rosetta McClain Gardens at such close range.
     Ann Brokelman got these great shots of some of the Peregrines that passed by today.
     6 Turkey Vultures went by today, very low and close. We still look forward to a good flight of TVs. Friday is looking outstanding right now for a big day.
Thanks again to Ann for this shot.

     An immature Bald Eagle, graced us at 1:28pm, bringing our season total to 50. I got this first shot of the young Bald Eagle.
Ann Brokelman got this one.

     Of interest today, were at least 2 Sparrows that werent White-throated Sparrows. After much discussion at the park and confirming via Paul Reeves excellent photo(s), the birds were confirmed to be Clay-coloured Sparrows. Not a new bird for the park list, but an excellent sighting. Thanks to Paul for this photo.

Our final tally of 43 raptors was:
6-Turkey Vultures
1-Bald Eagle (1:28pm)
2-Northern Harriers(closing in on 200 for the season)

22-Sharpshinned Hawks
3-Coopers Hawks
3-Redtailed Hawks
6-Peregrine Falcons
43-Total Raptors

Tomorrows very strong SW winds may be too high to have much move, but it could be interesting to see if Peregrines continue to move. Friday still looks fantastic for a large raptor movement! Dress warm people it is bone chilling, especially once the sun is behind clouds. Washrooms are now open 7am-5pm through the week and weekends from 9-5pm.

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