Peregrine Release Oct 13th

Any other day this would have been the lead story. Mark Nash of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation called and asked if Id be interested in hosting the release of a Peregrine Falcon. It had been trapped in downtown Toronto on a glass balcony. It was evaluated by Toronto Wildlife and deemed good to go, so the bird was transferred to CPF and Mark brought her to Rosetta to be released. When the carrier was opened the immature Peregrine sat in the box for a long period of time looking around, gathering herself, before finally flying out. She circled over Lake Ontario before heading off to the east. Awhile later a Peregrine went by flying west, very strong and somewhat out over the lake. May she travel well and have a safe journey. Ann sent the inflight shots, while mine are the ones in the box.
From Mike Poissant
From Ann Brokelman

  Ann got the inflight shots and I was able to get the bird in the carrier. Mike 4 got the shot of the Peregrine dropping before flying up.  Much thanks to Mark for giving us the honour of seeing this magnificant Peregrine returned to where she belongs. Thanks to Toronto Wildlife Centre for treating the Peregrine and allowing CPF the honour of doing the release. Thanks to those gathered for not crowding the Peregrine. All of our keen photographers respected the process and allowed the bird to have a clear path to freedom.
     Mark explained that when CPF does a release, unlike others we DONOT throw(cast) the bird skyward, we allow the bird to decide when it wishes to fly. Casting the bird, after its been in a carrier/rehabbed possibly/upset by being caught in the first place is an accident waiting to happen. This bird much as the other release CPF did at Rosetta 2 years ago, went off without a hitch. The Peregrine flew freely when it decided. It circled over the lake, finding its wings and then flying off strongly. Its a beautiful thing.

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