12 Raptors...YTD...3689..6 More Peregrines..4 Away From A New Record

Today was slow, but birds seen were low and close.We added 6 more Peregrine Falcons, which brings us to a total of 82 for the season, just 4 away from a new countsite record. Gunner, Berle, Ann, Ron, Bob, Betty, Norm, Cori, Peter and Phil joined Walter and I for a few good sightings.
Our total of 12 birds was:
3-Turkey Vultures
1-Sharpshinned Hawk
1-Redtailed Hawk
6-Peregrine Falcons
12-Total Raptors

There were many photo ops for Peregrine Falcons.  Ann managed several great shots.

A few Redtailed Hawks were seen, one was very pale chested. One showed an odd "pigeon-like" pose. A passing adult had a huge crop,indicating it had just eaten.

Later the local American Crow family had a "smackdown" with a local Redtailed Hawk. It was very entertaining and enjoyed by all. That alone was worth the price of admission for some(its free). I managed several photos of the interaction.

An Osprey flew by very close too. I managed these shots.

  Many Ruby-crowned Kinglets were around, as well as White-throated Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes. A few American Robins ate in the Mountain Ash trees.  We have high hopes of seeing even a few birds tomorrow if rain is at times that allow it. Thurs and Fri look much better, with Friday looking like the best possibility for a large movement of raptors.

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