Oct 13th...And Then There Was Today. 6 Raptors ....5879 YTD

Today the flow of raptors was slow to stop. 6 countable birds were seen. A local Merlin made a few passes of the park, a Peregrine Falcon came part way to the park and then went back to the east, and 4 local Turkey Vultures went back and forth along the bluffs, so there was at least some birds to look at.
Countable birds were:
2-Northern Harriers
3-Sharpshinned Hawks
1-American Kestrel
6-Total Raptors

Lee captured this shot of the young Peregrine Falcon before it disappeared headed back to the east. We'll count it another day.

Noone will be present Sunday to count. Monday there may be a few birds, but Tuesday is looking like it could be another great day. There should still be Turkey Vultures out there to come and Redshoulderd and Redtailed Hawks have only just started to migrate. More Golden Eagles should grace us(in small numbers) and Roughlegged Hawks are still to come, so there is still alot to look forward to.

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